Board of Directors

Professor Dr. Peter M. Herzig
GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel

Wischhofstraße 1-3, Building No. 4, Room 111 
D-24148 Kiel, Germany 
Phone: +49-431-600-2800

Personal Assistant of the Director
Dr. Jan Helmke
Phone: +49-431-600-2818

Office of the Director:

Mrs. Dürken Quaas  
Phone: +49-431-600-2801

Mrs. Franziska-Maria Kristandt
Phone: +49-431-600-2820

Fax: +49-431-600-2805  

Michael Wagner
Administrative Director
GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel

Wischhofstraße 1-3, Building No. 4, Room 111 
D-24148 Kiel, Germany 

Office of the Administrative Director: 
Daniela Krellenberg
Phone: +49-431-600-2600 / -2601
Fax: +49-431-600-2605


Heads of Research Divisions

Research Division 1: Ocean Circulation and Climate Dynamics:
Prof. Dr. Mojib Latif,  Phone: +49-431 600-4050, mlatif(at) 
Deputy: Prof. Dr. Martin Frank, Phone: +49-431 600-2218, mfrank(at) 


Research Division 2: Marine Biogeochemistry: 
Prof. Dr. Anja Engel, Phone: +49-431 600-1510, aengel(at)
Deputy: Prof. Dr. Anton Eisenhauer, Phone: +49-431 600-2282, aeisenhauer(at) 

Research Division 3: Marine Ecology: 
Prof. Dr. Thorsten Reusch, Phone: +49-431 600-4550, treusch(at)
Deputy:Prof. Dr. Ulrich Sommer, Phone: +49-431 600-4400, usommer(at)


Research Division 4: Dynamics of the Ocean Floor:
Prof. Dr. Heidrun Kopp, Phone: +49-431 600-2334, hkopp(at)
Deputy: Prof. Dr. Colin Devey, Phone: +49-431 600-2257,




Head of Directorate

Mrs. Irene Strebl
Phone: +49-431-600-2815, istrebl(at)


Mrs. Franziska-Maria Kristandt
Phone +49-431-600-2820, fkristandt(at)  

Mrs. Nidda Schweda
Phone: +49-431-600-2825, nschweda(at)

Team assistance for the directorate (Science coordination, Legal Affairs and Communication & Media)

Mrs. Jeanette Jankwitz
Phone +49-431 600-2809 , jjankwitz(at)

Science Coordination:

Dr. Nicole Schmidt
Phone: +49-431-600-2803, nschmidt(at)
Head, Helmholtz issues

Dr. Alexandra Drossou-Berendes
Phone: +49-431 600-2808, adrossou-berendes(at)
Research funding (EU)

Dr. Jörg Süling
Phone: +49-431 600-2810, jsueling(at)

Legal Affairs and Technology Transfer
Mrs. Ina Schultheiß
Phone: +49-431 600 2806, ischultheiss(at)

Mrs. Angelika Eisenträger
Phone +49-431 600 2826, aeisentraeger(at) 

Communication & Media

Dr. Andreas Villwock
Phone: +49-431-600-2802, avillwock(at)

Dr. Gerd Hoffmann-Wieck
Phone: +49-431-600-2555, ghoffmann-wieck(at)
General requests, Exhibitions, Visits, Archive, Guided Tours, Excellence Cluster "The Future Ocean" 

Maike Nicolai
Phone: +49-431-600-2807, mnicolai(at)
General requests, Press contact, TV/Video/Photo

Dr. Joachim Dengg
Phone: +49-600-4006, jdengg(at)
School projects

Jan Steffen
Phone: +49-431-600-2811, jsteffen(at) 
General requests, Press contact, Press releases, Internet

Christoph Kersten
Phone: +49-431 600-2814, ckersten(at)
Graphics & Design

General requests please send to: presse(at)