Supporting GEOMAR

If you would like to support GEOMAR on a regular basis you may join our "Förderverein" which was founded in 1987. More details are available through the German version of this page.

In addition, donations to support specific activities of GEOMAR that are not or not adequately covered by the funding for the institute are very welcome. Please contact Mrs. J. Jankwitz (+49-431-600-2809, or foerderverein(at) for further details.


We like to thank the following companies, institutions and private sponsors for their kind support:


Companies and Institutions                                                                                          

  • Förde Sparkasse                                                                                    
  • Lions Club Kiel-Baltic                                                                          
  • MBT Meerestechnik GmbH                                                             
  • Oktopus                                                                                                       
  • Bornhöft GmbH                                                                                       
  • K.U.M.                                                                                                           

Private Sponsors

Dörfer, Prof. Dr., Grau, S., Körntopp, V., Seiffert, H.-D., Sterm R., Wagner, M., Willebrand, Dr.


Companies and Institutions        

  • BBBank
  • Bornhöft
  • Contiways
  • Develogic
  • Ing. Büro Scholz
  • K.U.M.
  • Lions Club
  • LPL
  • MBT
  • Oktopus
  • Provinzial
  • RF-Reederei
  • Sea and Sun
  • Schilling Robotics 
  • Verlagskontor
  • VHS Plön
  • ZGO

Private Sponsors

Berndt, C., Grau, S.,  Seiffert, H.-D.


Companies and Institutions

  • ASM
  • Fördesparkasse
  • Hansen & Gieraths
  • Investitionsbank
  • MBT
  • Sparkassen- und Giroverband
  • VDI 
  • Verwaltungsgesellschaft

Private Sponsors

Flügel, H., Grau, S.,  V.K., Latif, M., Seiffert, H.-D.



Companies and Institutions

Private sponsors

Bahtia, R.; Fahrentholz, S.; Gocke, K.; Grau, S.; K.,V.; Kremling, K.; Oelrichs, I.; Seiffert, H.-D.; Tamm, P.;