Prof. Dr. Douglas Maraun

Head of the former working group Statistical Climatology and Extreme Events

new affiliation at University of Graz


E-Mail: dmaraun(at)




Research Interests

  • Regional climate change
  • Extreme precipitation: variability, trends, causes
  • Validation of climate models
  • Statistical downscaling
  • Climate variability


  • Chair of the European research network VALUE (EU COST Action ES1102)
  • Member of the Executive Board of CORDEX-ESD, the WCRP initiative on statistical downscaling
  • PI of the international research project CE:LLO on modelling compound extreme events (Volkswagen Foundation)
  • PI of the international research project PLEIADES addressing the downscaling of precipitation extremes (Volkswagen Foundation)
  • PI of the German-Russian joint research group EUREX addressing extreme events in Northern Europe and Russia (Helmholtz Association)
  • Co-PI of the project Extreme Events in Hesse as part of the INKLIM project (Hessian Agency for Environment and Geology, finished)
  • Associate editor of the journal Nonlinear Processes in Geophyiscs (2010-2015)
  • Review editor of the journal Climate Research


Reviewed Publications in International Scientific Journals


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NB! There are errors in ref [19] in the paper. The correct reference is the previous publication [8] in this list here:

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[1] D. Maraun: Parameterschätzung in nichtlinearen Proteinfaltungsdynamiken, Diploma thesis, University of Freiburg, 2002







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