Dr. rer. nat. Henk-Jan T. Hoving


Research division 3: Marine Ökologie
Evolutionary Ecology of Marine Fishes


Room: A 44
Phone: +49-431 600 4560
Fax: +49-431 600 4553
E-Mail: hhoving(at)geomar.de

Düsternbrooker Weg 20
D-24105 Kiel





Personal Information

  • Date of birth: 05/20/1978
  • Place of birth: Kollum
  • Nationality: Dutch

Career / Education

  • 2013-present  Future Ocean Postdoctoral fellow at GEOMAR – Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research, Kiel, Germany. Mentors:Dr. U. Piatkowski and Prof. Dr. A. Körtzinger
  • 2010-2013 Postdoctoral Fellow Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI), Moss Landing, California, USA. Mentor: Dr. B.H. Robison.
  • 2009-2010 Honours College Coordinator, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences,  University of Groningen, the Netherlands
  • 2008-2009 Lecturer (in Marine Biology and Invertebrate Zoology), Department of Ocean Ecosystems, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, University of Groningen, the Netherlands
  • 2008  PhD Biology, University of Groningen, the Netherlands
  • 2002  MSc Biology, specialisation Marine Biology, University of Groningen, the Netherlands

Scientific interests

  • Deep-sea biology
  • Organism response and adaptations to natural environmental stressors (e.g. Oxygen Minimum Zone, El Nino)
  • Ocean science instrumentation in particular in situ observational technology
  • Life history strategies
  • Sexual selection and sperm competition
  • Cephalopoda



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