Ocean Circulation and Climate Dynamics


HLRNAtlantic Nest at 1/20°

Global Bathymetry (based on BlueMarble by the NASA Visible Earth Project). Boundaries of the AGRIF nest are shown as yellow frame.

The predecessor VIKING20 with its 1/20° nest in the polar/subpolar North Atlantic, hosted in a global 1/4° model, showed significant improvements in the deep water mass properties due to its capability to resolve almost the full spectrum of mesoscale variability in this region. To profit from this enhancement by lower-end mesoscale activity throughout the whole Atlantic basin, the original nest is extended southward, now connecting the Southern Ocean with the North Atlantic.

The start of GOCART20 simulations is planned for summer 2015.

Person in charge: Klaus Getzlaff


  • NEMO ocean
  • LIM2 sea ice (elastic-viscous rheology)
  • Tripolar ORCA grid
  • Typical Grid Point Distance: < 3km at 60°N



Global + Nest



Model and Data Management

For general questions about the model configurations and data access, please contact:

Dr. Markus Scheinert
West Shore Building
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email: mscheinert(at)geomar.de

Dr. Klaus Getzlaff
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