Marine Biogeochemistry

CFC-12 distribution through the Mediterranean Sea

We are measuring gaseous tracers such as CFC-12 and SF6 in the ocean interior. This provides information about ventilation and circulation.

Name of PI: Toste Tanhua, 600 4219, room 173

Tracer Lab Room 152

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The mast of the R/V Tangaroa in Wellington, NZ outfitted with eddy covariance measurement equipment (courtesy of E. S. Saltzman, UCI).

We measure the eddy covariance flux and surface ocean cycling of trace gases important for global climate change and atmospheric chemical processes (e.g. DMS, acetone, methanol).  

Name of PI:  Christa Marandino, 600 4219, Room 173

Lab Room: 177

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The ocean as a source of halocarbons.

We are interested in the air-sea exchange of chlorinated, brominated and iodinated trace gases and in the investigation of their marine sources and the driving factors for their regional and temporal variable oceanic emission strengths, since they have important impacts in the atmosphere.

Name of PI: Birgit Quack, 600 4206, Room 118

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