Marine Ecology

Marine Natural Products Chemistry


Marine natural products (MNPs) are prolific source of many life-saving drugs and functional ingredients. The research unit Marine Natural Product Chemistry deals with all aspects of marine biotechnology and marine biodiscovery using the enormous biological diversity of marine macro- and microorganisms to identify novel molecules. This includes the cultivation, extraction, biological activity screening, chemical profiling and dereplication of marine extracts followed by purification, 3D structure elucidation and identification of mechanism of biological/ecological activity of marine secondary metabolites.

Our main research interests include natural product drug discovery and chemical ecology of marine metabolites through marine metabolomics coupled with imaging techniques. For these purposes, we use modern fermentation, hyphenated chromatographic techniques as well as high-resolution spectroscopic and mass-spectrometry-based imaging techniques available in-house. The use of the emerging techniques (e.g. omics, imaging, chemical fingerprinting / profiling) and available infrastructure also enables us to rapidly profile and monitor the production of key marine constituents under ecological challenges, such as diseases, global warming, pollution or invasive character.

Our group is part of the research clusters Future Ocean and Kiel Life Sciences   

GEOMAR Centre for Marine Biotechnology GEOMAR-Biotech, a state-of-the-art research centre carrying out both basic and applied research, is part of the research unit Marine Natural Product Chemistry.


Photos: GEOMAR, Leila Ivarsson, Christoph Wirth


Head of the Research Unit:

Prof. Dr. Deniz Tasdemir
GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel

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Email: dtasdemir(at)

Room: 15
Am Kiel-Kanal 44
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Personal Assistant / Office Management:

Bettina Reuter
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