Marine Ecology


GEOMAR-Biotech conducts both fundamental and applied research for discovery and sustainable development of bioactive natural products and functional ingredients with applications in medicine, nutraceuticals, cosmeceuticals, agriculture and aquaculture. GEOMAR-Biotech is equipped with expertise and first-class infrastructure for carrying out cutting-edge research in natural products chemistry, omics, marine microbiology and biotechnology methodologies to unlock the potential of marine biodiversity.

We are interested in chemodiversity of marine invertebrates, marine plants and extremophilic organisms from cold, hot, deep, polar and hypersaline environments. The intense microbial communities (microbiome) such as bacteria and fungi residing in marine invertebrates, marine plants and ocean sediment are also a major interest. Marine microbes associated with macro-organisms often are the true producers of the complex, bioactive secondary metabolites that can be produced in large quantities in a sustainable manner through microbial fermentation. GEOMAR-Biotech holds all scale of fermentation facilities up to 300 L capacity including the equipment for respective down-stream processing.

Also aquaculture by-products and “biological wastes” from a variety of marine resources are envisaged to have potential to supply functional ingredients.

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