Dynamics of the Ocean Floor

MuHS Seminar Series

MuHS Seminars are being held in the old SFB seminar room (building 8A, room 208) every Thursday. The talks start at 11:00 am with either one full presentation of (max.) 30 minutes or two short presentations of 10-15 minutes each followed by an open discussion. Changes to time and/or place will be announced by email.

The next seminar dates, speakers and topics:


March 2017

  • 30.03.2017: Benjamin Wheeler (IPGP/GEOMAR), "Geological context and temperature variation of diffuse exit fluids at the Lucky Strike hydrothermal field, Mid-Atlantic ridge"


April 2017

  • 06.04.2017: Nico Augustin, tba, Karen Strehlow, "ESKP - Earth System Knowledge Platform" and a general discussion on the Social Media activities of MuHS
  • 13.04.2017: Easter Break for the seminar 
  • 20.04.2017: Easter Break for the seminar
  • 27.04.2017: Dominik Pałgan, "Volcanism and hydrothermalism on the hot-spot influenced Reykjanes Ridge and Reykjanes Peninsula"


May 2017

  • 04.05.2017: Anne-Cathrin Wölfl, "The AtlantOS Project - Integration and visualisation of bathymetric data holdings"


For further details or to submit your expression of interest to present a seminar talk, please contact Dr. Philipp Brandl