Dynamics of the Ocean Floor

MuHS Seminar Series

MuHS Seminars are being held in the old SFB seminar room (building 8A, room 208) every Thursday during the winter months. The talks start at 11:00 am with either one full presentation of (max.) 30 minutes or two short presentations of 10-15 minutes each followed by an open discussion. Changes to time and/or place will be announced by email.

The next seminar dates, speakers and topics:


February 2017

  • 23.02.2017: No seminar (Marine Imaging Workshop at GEOMAR)


March 2017

  • 02.03.2017: Jo-Anne Wartho, "(U-Th)/He dating of marine impact structures on Earth"
  • 09.03.2017: Philipp Brandl, "The arc arises: The links between volcanic output, arc evolution and melt composition" 
  • 16.03.2017: No seminar (IODP/ICDP Germany meeting)
  • 23.03.2017: Florent Szitkar, "Magnetic 'burnholes' reveal the TAG segment tectonics"
  • 30.03.2017: Benjamin Wheeler (IPGP/GEOMAR), "Geological context and temperature variation of diffuse exit fluids at the Lucky Strike hydrothermal field, Mid-Atlantic ridge"


April 2017

  • 06.04.2017: tba


For further details or to submit your expression of interest to present a seminar talk, please contact Dr. Philipp Brandl