Biological, mineral and energy resources

Gas hydrates - burning ice - a possible energy resource for the future? Source: GEOMAR

The oceans offer enormous potential for new resources: natural marine substances, mineral resources, and gas hydrates on the seafloor could complement, and possibly replace, certain land-based occurrences. Comprehensive interdisciplinary investigations are required in order to enable a well-balanced assessment to be made of the potential provided by these marine resources, as well as the risks involved in their exploitation. 

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Mineral resources in the ocean. Red: Massiv sulfides, yellow: cobalt-rich ferromanganese crusts , dark-blue: manganese nodules. Black: Land-based resources (non-fossil energy) within 50 km distance from the coast. Light blue: Exclusive Economic Zone. Source: GEOMAR.

Subsea mining moves closer to shore

Marine scientists from GEOMAR focus on shelf areas

Geothermal systems on the Reykjanes peninsula (Iceland). These systems are supplied by seawater from the mid-atlantic ridge. They are geologically similar to black smokers in the deep sea. Photo: Mark Hannington, GEOMAR

Gold from Hot Seawater

Marine scientists found extremely high concentrations of precious metal in geothermal systems on Iceland