Plate tectonics and marine hazards

Seafloor topography of a subduction zone off the coast of Costa Rica. Source: GEOMAR.

Dynamic processes beneath the seafloor can cause natural hazards (such as earthquakes, landslides, tsunamis, and volcanic eruptions) that affect people living in coastal areas. A better understanding of the processes involved in the movement of tectonic plates is required in order to assess these hazards and to identify the early warning signals that precede such natural disasters.

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3-D section the Mid-Atlantic Ridge at Kolbeinsey Ridge. Source: GEOMAR.

New evidence for large episodic volcanic events on the seafloor

Kiel marine researchers used new methods for dating of lava flows at the Kolbeinsey Ridge

Submarine eastern flank of the volcano Mount Etna in Sicily. Graphic: Felix Gross, CAU

Tsunami Danger at Mount Etna?

Kiel’s Marine Researchers Install New Measuring Network at the Foot of Europe’s Biggest Volcano

The new study reveals that the Richardson Seamount, the Meteor Seamount and the Orcadas Seamount once formed one volcanic island. Image reproduced from the GEBCO world map 2014,

Volcanic Puzzle in the South Atlantic

Marine scientists from Kiel and Bremerhaven reconstruct the history of a dismembered seamount