Research scientist –Marine genomics and bioinformatics – tenure track

closing date: 28. Februar 2013

The Helmholtz-Centre of Ocean Research (GEOMAR) is one of the leading institutes in marine research in Germany. With 750 employees and a yearly budget of 65 Mio € its major goal is fundamental and applied research in all areas of marine sciences. For more information please visit www.geomar.de.

The research unit Evolutionary Ecology of Marine Fishes is offering a position for a

Research scientist –Marine genomics and bioinformatics – tenure track

We are seeking a highly motivated and enthusiastic candidate who is expected to develop his / her own research lines within the field of Marine Genomics (eukaryotes) and to support other experimentalists in our group. There are excellent opportunities to collaborate with ongoing and planned experimental projects that broadly address the evolutionary responses of populations to global change. Research topics involving next generation genomic/transcriptomic data in our group currently include:

- immune system evolution in invertebrates and teleosts

- adaptation and speciation genetics in sea turtles and teleost fishes

- experimental host-parasite co-evolution with bacteria, fish and viruses

- genomic and transcriptomic adaptation to ocean warming and acidification

The GEOMAR has full access to the Center of Molecular Life Sciences Kiel with its state-of-the art next-generation sequencing facilities (head Prof P. Rosenstiel). Access to appropriate high-performance computing facilities (Kiel cluster) is also available. Our group is embedded into the Kiel excellence cluster The Future Ocean with the specific research topic The Evolving Ocean. GEOMAR is also member of the Max-Planck Research School (IMPRS) ‘Evolutionary Biology’. Close collaboration with the newly established professorship for theoretical biology/bioinformatics at University of Kiel is expected. Candidates with a different background (for example terrestrial model species) are also encouraged to apply, provided they commit to entering the marine world with their model systems. The acquisition of additional third-party funding to expand the research line by the successful applicant is expected.


We request a doctorate in natural sciences. Fluency in scripting languages (e.g. Perl, Phyton) and in analyzing next-generation sequencing data is prerequisite. Experience in the research area is best documented by relevant publications

This is a full-time position, the earliest starting data is anticipated 1 May 2013. The position is initially available for 3 years. Upon review, it can be made permanent (“tenure track”). The salary depends on qualification and is up to the class 14 TVÖD of the German salary rate for public employees. The GEOMAR is an equal opportunity employer and encourages female scientists and scientists with disabilities to apply. Provided equal qualification, they will be preferentially considered.

For further information on this post contact Prof. Thorsten Reusch (treusch@geomar.de).

Please send your applications for this position, including a full cv, a brief description of your research interests and perspective, and two names of possible references by e-mail in a single pdf-file to the personnel office (Ms. Katharina Mahn, kmahn@geomar.de).