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Below you find current press releases of the GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Reseach Kiel. Former press releases of GEOMAR and the predecessor  IFM-GEOMAR you find on the archive pages of the the years 2014,
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Current press releases


“Deutscher Meerespreis 2015” for Captain Nicholas Sloane

South African salvage specialist receives the German Ocean Award for successful recovery of cruise ship Costa Concordia close to the Italian coast

Vampire squid Vampyroteuthis infernalis. © 2012 MBARI

Vampire Squid: The first Time is not the last Time

New study in Current Biology shows multiple reproductive cycles of deep-sea squid

For a detailed examination of the methane seeps, the scientists used the submersible JAGO. The image shows pilot Jürgen Schauer and Lea Steinle preparing for a dive. Photo: Karen Hissmann, GEOMAR

Ocean Currents Impact Methane consumption

Study in Nature Geoscience on interactions between marine microbiology and oceanography

Lime-stone formation at the Changinola river, Panama. Photo: Kaj Hoernle, GEOMAR

How continents grow from the oceans

An international research team including scientists from GEOMAR elucidates how continental crust can be formed in oceanic arcs even at the present

Ferromanganese crusts with typical band structure. Source: Buczkowski, USGS.

More than just an economic resource: ferromanganese crusts record past climates

Marine scientists reconstruct past variations in Arctic climate

With help of the AUV ABYSS (top right) the mud volcanoes Abzu, Tiamat and M. Ivanov have been discovered in 2012. Photo/Graphic: GEOMAR

New insights into the mysterious ocean floor

Marine scientists from Kiel present new concepts of the formation of mud volcanoes and cold seeps in the deep sea.

Lighthouse in Büsum (Schleswig-Holstein, Germany). Sea level rise significantly differs from one coast to another. Photo: Klaus Heinrich Vanselow, Copyright: Uni Kiel / FTZ Westküste

Sea level rise: More data from the oceans needed

Climate scientists from Kiel show how regional predictions can be enhanced

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