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Below you find current press releases of the GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Reseach Kiel. Former press releases of GEOMAR and the predecessor  IFM-GEOMAR you find on the archive pages of the the years 2014,
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Current press releases

Anomalies of sea surface temperatures for late May to late June 2015. Source: NOAA/PMEL

Does climate change lead to Super El Niños?

Kiel researchers present study on Pacific climate phenomenon

View over the tropical Southeast Pacific from the research vessel METEOR. As new data show the region is a strong source of natural nitrous oxide. Photo: Kerstin Nachtigall, GEOMAR

The Southeast Pacific produces more nitrous oxide than previously thought

Kiel marine scientists publish new data on greenhouse gas emissions

Recovery of an oceanographic mooring with RV METEOR. Researchers in Europe, the USA, Canada, Brazil and South Africa and other Atlantic-bordering countries are already strongly engaged in observing the ocean. Photo: W. Huneke, GEOMAR

Improved Observations to Better Understand the Atlantic

The EU large scale research project AtlantOS aims to advance Atlantic ocean observation to become more integrated, more efficient and more sustainable.

Today's Galapagos islands at the volcanic Galapagos-Hotspot are only about four four million years old. Traces of older eruptions have been found in cores obtained off the coast of Costa Rica. Image reproduced from the GEBCO world map 2014,

Highly Explosive Volcanism at Galapagos

International team of volcanologists presents new findings on the eruption history

Corals and their symbiotic algae from the Arabian Gulf are used to survive under extreme temperatures and high salinity values. Photo: Grace Vaughan, SOC.

Surviving harsh environments becomes a death-trap for specialist corals

The success of corals that adapt to survive in the world’s hottest sea could contribute to their demise through global warming, according to new research.

Research vessel POSEIDON in the Thyrennian sea during an ECO2 expedition. Photo: Maike Nicolai, GEOMAR

Can carbon dioxide be stored safely offshore?

Research Project ECO2 presents approach for a sound environmental risk assessment of sub-seabed CO2 storage

Participants of the scientific symposium at INDP in Mindelo, Cabo Verde. Photo: Björn Fiedler, GEOMAR

Scientific networking at a research hotspot

International science symposium and summer school held in Cape Verde

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