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Below you find current press releases of the GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Reseach Kiel. Former press releases of GEOMAR and the predecessor  IFM-GEOMAR you find on the archive pages of the the years 2015, 2014,
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Current press releases

Snapshots of sea surface temperature (degrees Celsius) in the Gulf Stream Extension region from a high resolution ocean model simulation. Courtesy of Rafael Abel.

Improvements in climate simulations

Feedback between mesoscale eddies and the atmosphere is fundamental

Schematic diagram of the atmosphere. Graphics: C. Kersten, GEOMAR.

Middle atmosphere in sync with the ocean

Relationship between decadal variations in temperatures in the Pacific and the tropopause identified

Luisa Galgani with sampling gear in front of a melt pond. Photo: Karl Attard

How small marine particles affect our climate

Scientists investigate the composition of the sea-surface microlayer of melting ice


Looking ahead by reading climate records from caves

Dripstones reveal how meltwater from the ice sheets disturbed the climate in north-western Africa and north-western Europe 10,000 years ago


Calcification – does it pay off in the future ocean?

An international research team has calculated the costs and benefits of calcification for phytoplankton and the impact of climate change on their important role in the world’s oceans.


Ocean acidification – the limits of adaptation

World’s longest laboratory experiment with the single-celled calcifying alga Emiliania huxleyi reveals that evolutionary adaptation to acidification is restricted

Participants of the 2nd annual project meeting. Photo: Jan Steffen, GEOMAR

Experts on the Atlantic Meet in Kiel

160 participants at the second annual meeting of the European project AtlantOS

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