Since 2005 the SGMS hosts annual Summer Schools with interdisciplinary lectures, practical work and field excursions in China and Germany.

We encourage highly motivated early career scientists in Marine and Earth Sciences affiliated to German research institutions to apply for the participation in the upcoming 10th Sino-German Summer School on: "The Issues in Coastal Sustainability Challenges and Perspectives"  from September 15-26, 2014 in Büsum & Kiel.

The language of instruction is English. Participation is limited to 14 students from each country. Participants will pass competitive selection procedure focussing on academic interests and excellence.

Deadline for application is April 30, 2014!!

For more details please see: PDF version of the call flyer

Previous Summer Schools / Symposia

2013, 2 - 13 September, Qingdao
Sino-German Summer School "Dynamics in Atmosphere and Ocean Coupling"

2013, 3 - 6 September, Qingdao
Sino-German Symposium  "Multidisciplinary Processes in Deep Oceans and Impacts on Climate and Coastal Environment"

2012, 10 - 21 September, Bremen and Kiel
Sino-German Summer School "Short and long-term variability of biogeochemical cycles in the ocean-atmosphere climate system: inprints on biological and geological processes"

2012, 17 - 18 September, Kiel
Sino-German Symposium "Advances in observation and modelling of biogeochemical and oxygen dynamics in the ocean"

2011, 5 - 16 September, Qingdao
Sino-German Summer School "Marine Observations in a Changing Earth Environment"

2011, 7 - 9 Septmber, Qingdao
Sino-German Symposium "Marine Observation, Forecasting and Utilization over the next decade"

2010, 26 July - 6 August, Kiel and Bremen
Sino-German Summer School "Response of Ocean Biogeochemistry to Global Change"

2009, 20 - 31 July, Qingdao
Sino-German Summer School "The Coastal Zone and its Management"

2008, 27 July - 10 August, Qingdao
Sino-German Summer School "Oceans under Stress"

2007, 22 July - 3 August, Büsum
Sino-German Summer School "Processes in Coastal Zones"

2006, 8 - 18 August, Bremen and Kiel
Sino-German Summer School "Impacts of Global Change on Shelf-Open Ocean Systems"

2005, 19 - 30 September, Qingdao
Sino-German Summer School "Warming of the Oceans"