The Programme

We aim to equip you for up-front basic research, to conduct environmental management, to advise policy or to enter into other maritime professions.

The programme is arranged in 4 semesters.

In each semester you need to gain at least 30 credit points (CP or ECTS) on average (120 CP are acknowledged). 

You gain these credit points by attending modules out of three different sections.

Section 1. compulsory modules or courses.                  

Section 2. compulsory/elective modules or courses.

Section 3. optional modules or courses.

A list of all module descriptions can be found here.

The complete module handbook can be found here.

For information about actual official regulations klick here "Prüfungsordnung(German only) - English version (not official) and "Prüfungsverfahrensordnung" (German only).

For further information contact your study advisor.