1. Semester - Introductory modules and courses

In the first semester, you will be given a basic understanding of the major oceanographic disciplines, taking compulsory introductory courses in biological and chemical oceanography and marine geology. A further course entitled “Doing Science” will introduce you to basic scientific theory and approach, train your critical scientific thought and lay the ground for you to conduct independent research.


30 CP: all modules and courses are compulsory.

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   MNF-bioc-101                    MNF-bioc-102                           MNF-bioc-110    MNF-bioc-103      MNF-geol-101



2. Semester -Advanced modules and courses

In the second semester you will have the possibility to deepen your knowledge by choosing two of the three major areas in biological oceanography (chemical ecology and fish ecology / plankton ecology and pelagic biogeochemistry / microbial ecology, microbial interactions and marine biotechnology). The goal is to more accurately define your area of interest, and to gain in-depth knowledge and practical lab experience in these fields. You will also take compulsory courses in biological modelling and statistics and in physical oceanography. Furthermore, you will have the opportunity to broaden your scope by choosing modules summing up to 5 credit points from other master programmes within the entire university.


30 CP: 22 CP are by compulsory modules and courses

            4 CP out of the compulsory/elective modules,

           4 CP out of the optional courses.

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                       MNF-bioc-201                                MNF-bioc-220          MNF-ozgr-151  MNF-bioc-232    FREE choice



3. Semester - Specialisation

In the third semester you will have the possibility to choose modules facilitating the preparation of your master's thesis by research. You will also be supposed to write a thesis proposal. Additionally, in this semester you can broaden your scope and explore career opportunities through internships.


30 CP: 15 CP are by 2 compulsory modules and courses

             10 CP out of the compulsory/elective modules,

              5 CP out of the optional courses

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                                                                                                                MNF-bioc-331      MNF-bioc-331
                    MNF-bioc-301                      MNF-bioc-310         MNF-bioc-332      MNF-bioc-332         FREE choice
                                                                                                                MNF-bioc-334        MNF-bioc-334



4. Semester -Masterthesis

The fourth semester is devoted to practical research and will culminate in submission of your written thesis.

30 CP: are gained by your M.Sc.-thesis module.

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