Young Scientist’ Symposium: „OCEANS 2020 and beyond“ – 20.01.2017

 The Young Scientist’ Symposium: „OCEANS 2020 and beyond“ took place on Friday, 20 January 2017. Initiated by the “Programmorientierte Förderung (POF)”, it addressed the future of GEOMAR’s research activities and asked for “bottom up” input from young scientists. 14 post-doctoral researchers, Junior-Professors and leaders of “Young Investigator Groups” from the four research divisions of GEOMAR took their chance to present their visions for the future of marine sciences – in only 5 minutes for each presentation.

The presentations aimed not only on understanding and predicting climate change and natural hazards, but also focused on the discovery of the unknown, ranging from marine resources on the seafloor to marine life and chemical fluxes in the water column. The young scientists also presented future technologies and solutions for data acquisition and monitoring of marine environments, such as drones that could measure winds, image volcanic clouds, or monitor wave motion on the open ocean.

The symposium was well-attended by scientists of all levels, from professors to doctoral researchers and master students. Everyone was invited to participate in the discussion afterward. During the discussion, additional future research questions arose, for example on ocean pollution and the sustainability of marine food resources. It was also discussed whether science should focus on society-relevant research in order to provide solutions and/or rather on basic research and ocean discovery.

Prof. Peter Herzig, the director of GEOMAR, will discuss the topics suggested by the young scientists in the "Wissenschaftliche Leitungsklausur" mid of February. It will be interesting to see how these ideas are implemented in the future research plans of GEOMAR.



The new GEOMAR DokTeam for 2017

A new team of six PhD representatives was elected by PhD students December 1, 2016. 

We are looking forward to meeting you and working with you in the next year.

Many Thanks to all of you who came along to the GEOMAR DokTeam Elections! It was great to see you all there.

We would also like to thank Maire Maßmig, Insa Rapp and Dagmara Rusiecka for all their contributions to the DokTeam work in 2016!

Your GEOMAR DokTeam

Jacqueline, Lisa, Luisa, Meike, Christian, Kristin

A picture of the GEOMAR DokTeam 2017.
GEOMAR DokTeam 2017: Meike, Jacqueline, Lisa, Luisa, Kristin (from left to right) and Chrisitan (foto)


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