Snapshots of sea surface temperature (degrees Celsius) in the Gulf Stream Extension region from a high resolution ocean model simulation. Courtesy of Rafael Abel.

Improvements in climate simulations

28 July 2016/Kiel. The Gulf Stream is often seen as being analogous to a hot water heating system for Northern Europe. Like its counterpart in the Pacific, the Kuroshio, these currents are of fundamental importance for the global climate. An international research team, with participation of scient...

Schematic diagram of the atmosphere. Graphics: C. Kersten, GEOMAR.

Middle atmosphere in sync with the ocean

26 July 2016/Kiel. In the late 20th century scientists observed a cooling at the transition between the troposphere and stratosphere at an altitude of about 15 kilometers. They believed this development in the so-called tropopause was caused by human influences. Climate scientists from Kiel and Berg...

Luisa Galgani with sampling gear in front of a melt pond. Photo: Karl Attard

How small marine particles affect our climate

20.07.2016/Kiel. When sea ice melts a thin biofilm layer is left on the sea surface. The air-sea interface is important as it provides a direct link between the ocean and the atmosphere. Researchers from GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel and the Alfred Wegener Institute, Helmholtz Cent...


Calcification – does it pay off in the future ocean?

14 July 2016/Kiel. Coccolithophores, single-celled phytoplankton, which plays a vital role in marine biogeochemical cycling, in marine food webs and in the global climate system, has developed a variety of calcareous shells to protect itself against predation and damage. But this requires a lot of e...



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Weather of Kiel at 23:12


Measuring Point Institute

Air temperature: 18,0°C
Water temperature: 18,4°C
Wind direction: 200°, SSW
Wind speed: 2,85 m/s

Measuring Point Light House

Air temperature: 18,6°C
Water temperature: 20,3°C
Wind direction: 204°, SSW
Wind speed: 5,80 m/s