The Portuguese ambassador João António Da Costa Mira Gomes and GEOMAR director professor Peter Herzig in front of the ROV PHOCA. Photo: J. Steffen/GEOMAR

Portugal strengthens Cooperation in Marine Research

14 June 2017/Kiel. Portugal's geographical position at the Atlantic Ocean has played a crucial role throughout its history. The country owes its status as a world power in the sixteenth century to its sailors who opened new trade routes around the world. On the other hand, the capital of Lisbon, in ...

The new OSCM from a bird's-eye view. The building has been designed by architect Pedro Gregório Lopes. Behind the OSCM the INDP can be seen. Photo: Filipe Mandl

Ocean Science Centre Mindelo just before scientific operation

02 June 2017/Kiel. After two and a half years of construction, the new GEOMAR research station in Mindelo, Cape Verde, has been completed. Now the preparations for the scientific operation of the Ocean Science Center Mindelo have begun. The project is a cooperation of the GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for...

Prof. Dr. Donna Blackman. Photo: S. Kaehlert, GEOMAR.

The mapping of the sea: Terra Incognita on the globe

The 18th Marie-Tharp Lecture Series for Ocean Research at GEOMAR returns to the scientific origins of its name.

Two crew members of cruise M116 take water samples with a so called CTD rosette. Photo: M. Visbeck, GEOMAR

Iron deficiency restrains marine microbes

19.05.2017/Kiel. Iron is a critical nutrient in the ocean. Its importance for algae and the nitrogen cycle has already been investigated in detail. Now a new discovery shows that microbes also need iron to process phosphorus. A team of researchers from the GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research ...



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Weather of Kiel at 20:32


Measuring Point Institute

Air temperature: 15,4°C
Water temperature: 15,8°C
Wind direction: 251°, WSW
Wind speed: 4,45 m/s

Measuring Point Light House

Air temperature: 15,0°C
Water temperature: 16,6°C
Wind direction: 257°, WSW
Wind speed: 11,04 m/s