The German RV MARIA S. MERIAN in Mindelo. Photo: Björn Fiedler, GEOMAR

Summit Meeting on an Underwater Mountain

17 February 2017/Kiel, Mindelo. Seamounts are oases of the oceans: they form diverse ecosystems and provide habitats for numerous organisms. However, the links between physical, biological and biogeochemical processes that surround seamounts are still enigmatic. Tomorrow an international expedition ...

Changes of dissolved oxygen in the global ocean in percent. Graphic: GEOMAR

Global Ocean De-Oxygenation Quantified

15 February 2017 / Kiel. The ongoing global change causes rising ocean temperatures and changes the ocean circulation. Therefore less oxygen is dissolved in surface waters and less oxygen is transported into the deep sea. This reduction of oceanic oxygen supply has major consequences for the organis...

The research drilling vessel JOIDES RESOLUTION. Photo: Bill Crawford/IODP

Cold plates and hot melts

10 February 2017/Kiel. The movements of Earth’s tectonic plates shape the face of our planet. The sinking of one plate beneath another, known as subduction, causes volcanism and earthquakes. Subduction zones lie, for example, off the coast of Indonesia, Chile and Japan. But how exactly did this pro...

Mineral resources in the ocean. Red: Massiv sulfides, yellow: cobalt-rich ferromanganese crusts , dark-blue: manganese nodules. Black: Land-based resources (non-fossil energy) within 50 km distance from the coast. Light blue: Exclusive Economic Zone. Source: GEOMAR.

Subsea mining moves closer to shore

9 February 2017 / Kiel. Mining in the deep sea is technically very challenging and at present not economically feasible. However, deposits in coastal areas beneath the shallow, more accessible continental shelf could help to meet the growing demand for mineral resources. This is the conclusion of a ...



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Weather of Kiel at 16:12


Measuring Point Institute

Air temperature: 7,3°C
Water temperature: 2,4°C
Wind direction: 241°, WSW
Wind speed: 5,95 m/s

Measuring Point Light House

Air temperature: 6,9°C
Water temperature: 2,6°C
Wind direction: 242°, WSW
Wind speed: 15,95 m/s