During the expedition M92 samples and data from the seafloor and from the water column of the oxygen minimum zone off Peru were obtained using various devices. Photo: Michael Schneider, FS METEOR

Conundrum of missing iron in oxygen minimum zones solved

25 October 2016 / Kiel. Iron is an essential nutrient for biological productivity in the oceans. However, dissolved iron quickly combines with oxygen and is then no longer usable by or-ganisms. For a long time it has been a conundrum why even in low oxygen zones of the Tropics the dissolved iron con...

Current aerial views of the Ocean Science Centre Mindelo, Kap Verde. Photo: Filipe Mandl

‘Ocean Science Centre Mindelo’ Takes Shape

17 October 2016/Kiel, Mindelo. After 20 months of construction, the cooperation partners GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel and the Instituto Nacional de Desenvolvimento das Pescas in Mindelo (INDP), together with the Cabo Verdean planning office SPL/DARQ and the construction company SG...

Participants of the Baltic-Gender Kick-off meeting. Photo:  Evelyn Renz-Kiefel

Better Career Opportunities for Women in Marine Research

07 October 2016 / Kiel. In many areas of marine research men and women are now working together as equals. However, women are still under-represented in leadership positions. Partners from eight scientific institutions in five countries around the Baltic Sea will be working together in the project "...


Photo exhibition about ocean acidification premiered at GEOMAR

20 September 2016/Kiel. In a photo exhibition by the German research network on ocean acidification BIOACID, the two nature photographers Solvin Zankl and Nick Cobbing present BIOACID members at their work and introduce organisms that current ocean acidification research focuses on. The exhibition i...



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Weather of Kiel at 19:20


Measuring Point Institute

Air temperature: 10,4°C
Water temperature: 11,7°C
Wind direction: 266°, W
Wind speed: 1,75 m/s

Measuring Point Light House

Air temperature: 11,1°C
Water temperature: 11,4°C
Wind direction: 277°, W
Wind speed: 8,15 m/s