Ocean Circulation and Climate Dynamics

Climate modelling

The Earth's climate arises from a complex interplay between the ocean, the atmosphere, sea ice, land vegetation and the influence of external factors. The feedbacks between the different subsystems and the variability of the system on different timescales are only partly understood so far. Climate modelling provides a useful tool to investigate variability and feedbacks in a systematic way. The performance and sensitivity of the models can be tested against observations and paleo reconstructions. Modelling efforts cover the whole range of climate fluctuations from paleo climate to future climate evolution taking into account anthropogenic influence. 

Research Topics:

  • internal climate variability at seasonal to centennial time scales
  • seasonal to decadal  predictability
  • simulation of past climate variation
  • anthropogenic climate change
  • model development      

The models used in our group:


Prof. Dr. Mojib Latif