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Here we provide information about scientific and public events at the Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel. 

Lectures, seminars and colloquia which are part of scientific curricula can be found under the item "Study".



Online Course "One Planet – One Ocean: From Science to Solutions"

World-renown marine scientists provide information about interactions and interdependencies in the ocean and discuss possible solutions toward sustainable use of the ocean.


May 2, 2016: FB2-Seminar

Meike Becker, FB2-CH: “Autonomous 13C measurements in the North Atlantic – a novel approach for identifying patterns and driving factors of the upper ocean carbon cycle”


May 03, 2016: FB3-Seminar

Dr. Florian Weinberger (EOE-B, FB3): "A more holistic view of marine host-pathogen interactions"


May 4, 2016: FB1-Seminar

Dr. Céline Heuzé, Marie Curie research fellow, Department of Marine Sciences, University of Gothenburg (Sweden): "Climate change 3000m under the sea"


May 9, 2016: FB1-Seminar

Prof. Dr. Gualtiero Badin, Institute for Oceanography, University of Hamburg (Germany): "Geostrophic turbulence below the deformation radius"

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