Next application period: February 1 to April 30, 2016

Only applications via ONLINE APPLICATION PORTAL (portal is active only: February 1 to April 30) will be accepted!

Download further information (Online Application Portal manual)


Important! Application deadline: April 30!

Schedule application process see further below (active: February 1 to April 30)!

Entry to the programme requires a completed Bachelors Degree with a biological focus (applicants with a B.Sc. other than biology have to prove that at least 60 (or 1/3 of their total) credits according to the ECTS are out of the field of biology. This has to be verified by German or English module descriptions issued by their university to ensure  comparability of educational objectives). You may apply for the term beginning every year in October if you expect your Bachelors degree to be awarded in the same year. If the final Bachelor Degree has not been awarded at the moment of the application, you must submit a listing of your graded completed modules at the time of application. Equivalent degrees from other countries with a major focus on biological disciplines will also be considered for admission


Minimum entrance requirements (incl. changes scheduled for application period 2016):


  1. Bachelor of Science degree, minimum grade 2.0 (on account of the special interest in and commitment to marine science issues (bachelor thesis on a marine biological subject) with a minimum grade 2.5).
  2. Bachelor of Science in Biology or a B.Sc. other than biology with >30% of the total ECTS points entailing biological modules (this has to be verified by German or English module descriptions issued by the applicants university to ensure comparability of educational objectives).
  3. Proficiency in English (mandatory for non native speakers): CEFR * (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages): level B2/C1, TOEFL (internet based 85 at minimum), IELTS (Band 6.0 at minimum), University of Cambridge (Certificate in Advanced English at minimum), etc.

  *: Many European universities provide courses and exams according to the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) regulations free of costs for their students. Ask at your language department.


Admission will be granted based on

  1. the grade of your bachelors’ degree  - minimum grade 2.0 (provide maximum and minimum passing grades (essentail to convert your marks to the German system)),
  2. a transcription of your completed modules, 
  3. a test of your proficiency in English ( TOEFL,CEFR, IELTSUniversity of Cambridge
  4. a statement of your motivation in taking part in the course - not more than 1 page - english language only,
  5. your CV - not more than 2 pages - english language only,
  6. an abstract of your B.Sc. thesis or thesis outline or significant term/semester project (1500 - 2500 characters) - english language only,
  7. extra-curricular achievements.
  8. applicants from China, Vietnam and Mongolia additionally need further documents issued by the German Embassy.



    • Documents proving 1., 2. and 3. are compulsory.
    • As there are foreign reviewers, documents 4., 5. and 6. english language versions will be accepted only. 
    • Any(!) missing document (1. to 6.) at the end of the application period results in exclusion from the admission process.
    • For more information consult the Online Application Portal manual.

       If you need further information please contact the Coordinator M. Sc. Biological Oceanography.

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