Your GEOMAR DokTeam

We are the DokTeam and represent you and around 200 other PhD students at GEOMAR. So you may be wondering who’s ‘we’ in the DokTeam 2017?



Foto von Meike Klischies
DokTeam Mitglied - Meike Klischies

Meike Klischies (German, English)

FB 4: FE Magmatische und hydrothermale Systeme

Room: 8A-110
Phone: +49 431 600-1430
Email: mklischies(at)

"I am in my second year of doctoral research and work on multibeam mapping and marine geology. My work in the DokTeam and as an ISOS-representative brings people from different backgrounds and institutes together to share their experiences and support each other. With the upcoming NextGen@Helmholtz conference, we are looking forward to extend this effort to a national level."



Foto von Christian Wengel
DokTeam Mitglied - Christian Wengel

Christian Wengel (German, English)

FB 1: FE Maritime Meteorologie

Room: BO-60
Phone: +49 431 600-4034
Email: cwengel(at)

"Working in the climate modeling department I analyze the ability of the Kiel Climate Model to simulate El Niño/Southern Oscillation. By being part of the DokTeam I want to contribute to a stronger PhD community at GEOMAR and possibly have an impact on PhD life at our institute."



Foto von Kristin Burmeister
DokTeam Mitglied - Kristin Burmeister

Kristin Burmeister (German, English)

FB 1: FE Physikalische Ozeanographie

Room: DW-B011
Phone: +49 431 600-4158
Email: kburmeister(at)

"I became part of the DokTeam because I know, how important this work is. I have been in the students council during my Bachelor and Master and really enjoy the work there. Already in our first meeting a lot of good ideas to improve the PhD life on GEOMAR popped up and I cannot wait to turn them into reality!"



Lisa Samrock (German, English)

FB 4: FE Magmatische und hydrothermale Systeme

Room: 8E-202
Phone: +49 431 600-2139
Email: lsamrock(at)



Luisa Listmann (German, English)

FB 3: FE Evolutionsökologie Mariner Fische

Room: B 107
Phone: +49-431 600 4573
Email: llistmann(at)



Jacqueline Bertlich (German, English)

FB 1: FE Paläo-Ozeanographie

Room: 8C-104
Phone: +49 431 600-2311
Email: jbertlich(at)




DokTeam & Helmholtz Juniors

GEOMAR Helmholtz Zentrum für Ozeanforschung Kiel
c/o Kristin Burmeister

Düsternbrooker Weg 20
24105 Kiel


email: dokteam(at)


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