June 01-03, 2016

1st Joint HOSST & ArcTrain Retreat

Peterhof bei Itzehoe


April 04, 2016:

Defense of the PhD Thesis:

Corinna Breusing: Population genetics and contemporaneous connectivity in deep-sea hydrothermal vent mussels of the genus Bathymodiolus 

Supervisor: Prof. Torsten Reusch (GEOMAR), Dr. Anna Metaxas (Dalhousie University, Canada)


March 11, 2016:

TOSST PhD Student Kristina Boerder involved in Science Publication:

Ending hide and seek at sea

<cite>Science </cite> 11 Mar 2016:
Vol. 351, Issue 6278, pp. 1148-1150
DOI: 10.1126/science.aad5686 


March 04, 2016:

Defense of the PhD Thesis:


Arne Johanson: Model-Driven Software Engineering for Computational Science Applied to a Marine Ecosystem Model 

Supervisor: Prof. Wilhelm Hasselbring (CAU), Prof. Andreas Oschlies (GEOMAR), Prof. Boris Worm (Dalhousie University, Canada)


January 26, 2016:

Corinna Breusing submitted her PhD Thesis - Congratulations!


January 1, 2016:


Six new HOSST PhD-Candidates take up their studies.


December, 2015:

Arne Johanson submitted his PhD Thesis - Congratulations!


December 1, 2015:

Four new HOSST PhD-Candidates take up their studies.


November 1, 2015:

Two newly selected HOSST PhD-Candidates start their fellowship.


October 1/2, 2015:

Selection Symposium  in Kiel


September 4, 2015:

Invitation letters have been sent out to successful applicants. The Selection Symposium will take place in Kiel, on October 1st-2nd, 2015.


July 15, 2015:

The call  is closed. Applicants will be informed after  September 7, 2015.


June 5, 2015:

The call for 11 PhD fellows is open from June 5 to July 15, 2015. 

Register for more information....


April 15, 2015:

The call for PhD fellows in the partner programm TOSST is open.

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