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The importance of environmental fluctuations for the modulation of stress


Flexible fouling control in marine organisms: Are antifouling defenses synchronized with or fine-tuned to colonization pressure? (DFG)


Will coastal ecosystems of the Levant re-organize under the influence of climate change? The combined effects of sea temperature rise and ocean acidification on benthic communities. (BMBF)


Interactive impact of ocean warming and ocean acidification on early life stage ecology in times of global change. (BMBF, "Bioacid")


Re-strucutring and re-functioning of benthic communities under the interactive influence of acidification and warming. (BMBF, "Bioacid")


Impact of microplastics on invertebrates at a global scale (DFG, various sponsors)


Performance of a focal species (Fucus vesiculosus) in a large scale environmental gradient.


Shifts of structure, diversity, functioning and sensitivity of benthic communities in a meso scale salinity gradient (LLUR)


Genetic diversity and adaptability of macroalgae to stress (EU, LLUR)


GAME: Global Approach by Modular Experiments, a novel tool for macro-ecological research and international capacity building

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