Ozeanzirkulation und Klimadynamik


Global Ocean at 1/4°

Surface Speed in ORCA025. Inlay shows zoomed region of the North Sea and the western part of the Baltic Sea to illustrate the model grid box size..

The 1/4° configuration ORCA025 is a case partially resolving mesoscale eddies (in particular, at low latitudes). At high latitudes, an eddy mixing parameterization is often used. Compared to ORCA05, general improvements are a refined western boundary structure by maintaining a computational efficiency. This compromise makes ORCA025 the current working. It is also increasingly used as base model for the nested configurations (e.g. VIKING20, INALT20).

Person in charge: Klaus Getzlaff


  • NEMO ocean
  • LIM2 sea ice (viscous-plastic rheology)
  • Tripolar ORCA grid
  • Grid Points: 1442 x 1021 x 46
  • Nominal Grid Point Distance: Eq: ~28 km; 60°N: ~15 km
  • Time Step: 2016s
  • Eventually Gent and McWilliams parameterization for eddy mixing
Minimum horizontal grid point distance (km) in ORCA025.


Typical simulations are:

  • Control run (climatological forcing)
  • Hindcast run (interannual forcing, last 60 years)
  • Several sensitivity runs (e.g. to single components of the atmospheric forcing or parameter settings)


Simulations and numerical experiments with this configuration are mostly done using high performance computing facilities at the University CAU in Kiel and HLRN.


Data is available only internally. For data requests from outside GEOMAR, please contact the Model and Data Management (see right column).


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