Marine Biogeochemie


Andreas Oschlies
Head of Biogeochemical Modelling Research Unit

Heiner Dietze | Scientist
Physical Oceanographer working with regional and global coupled ocean-circulation biogeochemical models. Current interest range from the Baltic to the Southern Ocean.

Ivy Frenger | Scientist

  • Biogeochemical effects of mesoscale eddies
  • The role of the Southern Ocean in the climate system
  • Modelling the carbon cycle in a changing climate

Julia Getzlaff | Scientist

Physical oceanographer with interest

  • Mixing processes in numerical models
  • Earth system modelling
  • Large scale circulation

Paul Kähler | Scientist
Soil scientist, microbiologist.
Denitrification, N2-fixation, dissolved organic matter in the ocean

David Keller | Scientist

  • Earth system modelling (past, present, and future)
  • Estuarine and marine biogeochemistry
  • Climate Engineering assessment

Wolfgang Koeve | Scientist
Global modelling of: Biogeochemical cycles, CaCO3, C:N:P, oxygen, N-cycle dynamics, and ventilation age | CMIP5 model analysis; data-based model evaluation

Iris Kriest | Scientist

  • Description of biogeochemical processes in large-scale models
  • Assessment of model skill on a global scale, including development and tests of different metrics

Karin Kvale | Scientific Programmer

  • Implementations of biogeochemistry in Earth system models
  • Biogeochemical tipping points and feedbacks

Angela Landolfi | Scientist

  • Marine biogeochemical cycles
  • N inventory variability
  • Controls and fate of N2 fixation
  • Phytoplankton co-existence

Ulrike Löptien | Scientist
Mathematician experienced in statistical data exploration, parameter optimization and modelling (e.g., NAO, Baltic Sea, Tropical Pacific)

Markus Pahlow | Scientist

  • Optimality-based modelling
  • Plankton biodiversity and evolution
  • Biogeochemistry of plankton and dissolved organic matter

Friederike Prowe | Scientist

  • Plankton diversity and ecology
  • Zooplankton feeding strategies
  • Global and process modelling

Markus Schartau | Scientist

  • Assessment of biogeochemical model results
  • Uncertainties in model parameter estimation   
  • Simulation of mesocosm experiments
  • Plankton size spectra analyses for modelling

Christopher Somes | Scientist

  • Nitrogen isotope cycling
  • Oxygen minimum zones
  • Earth system modelling
  • Climate-biogeochemistry interactions

Olaf Duteil | Affiliated Scientist

  • Coupled biogeochemical / physical modelling (Ocean General Circulation Models)
  • Spatial and temporal suboxia variability | Model intercomparisons
  • NEMO modelling framework

Volkmar Sauerland | Affiliated Scientist

  • Optimization Methods and Model Calibration


Chia-Te Chien | PostDoc

  • Optimality-based model in the framework of 3D Earth system modelling

Dana Ehlert | PostDoc

  • Earth system modelling, with particular focus on carbon cycle climate feedbacks
  • Specifically, the cumulative CO2 emissions-temperature change relationship, the role of ocean heat and carbon uptake, the effects of geoengineering

Ellias Yuming Feng | PostDoc

  • Climate engineering (CE) simulations and trade-off
  • Coral convention and ocean acidification
  • Climate sensitivity and ocean mixing
  • Sea salt aerosols (master thesis)

Yonss Jose | PostDoc
Modelling the Peru Current System, to investigate

  • The role of physical processes on the OMZ variability
  • The nutrient dynamics in the sedimentwater interface

Tronje Kemena | PostDoc

  • Climate Dynamics
  • Phosphorus and carbon cycle feedbacks
  • Irrigated afforestation of the Sahara


Alexandra Marki | PostDoc

  • Optimality based modelling
  • Ecophysiology of plankton
  • Food web succession in mesocosms Plankton community structure

Britta Munkes | PostDoc

  • Benthic & pelagic ecology (ecosystem resilience, functioning)
  • Anthropogenic impacts (eutrophication, food web changes, climate change)
  • Physical & chemical affects on biological communities

Giang Tran | PostDoc

  • Climate engineering assessment
  • Probabilistic uncertainty and sensitivity analysis
  • Earth system modelling

Qixing Ji | Affiliated PostDoc
Understanding nitrogen biogeochemical cycling in marine environments through the use of models, in both regional and global scales. Refining model parameterizations by incorporating the latest experimental results.


Jaard Hauschild | PhD Candidate

  • Biogeochemical effects of submesoscale processes such as filaments and fronts
  • Synthesis of regional biogeochemical model simulations and high-resolution observations in the Peru upwelling system

Sabine Mathesius | PhD Candidate

  • Modelling variable C:N ratios of exported organic matter
  • Parameter identification
  • Model complexity analysis


Daniela Niemeyer | PhD Candidate

  • Phosphorus cycle feedback on OMZ
  • Model calibration and tuning concerning marine snow

Henrike Schmidt | PhD Candidate
Physical Oceanographer interested in definig/quantifying the processes causing the OMZ in the northern Indian Ocean and how these are represented in coupled biogeochemical circulation models.

Miriam Tivig | PhD Candidate

  • Land-to-ocean biogeochemical modelling
  • Climatic importance of coastal zone biogeochemical cycling
  • Nutrients transport and transformation in coastal zone processes
  • Human impact on coastal biogeochemistry

Jiajun Wu | PhD Candidate

  • Climate engineering modelling: climate change mitigation with Blue Carbon Dioxide Remove (Blue CaDiR) methods
  • Modelling of global DOM photochemistry
  • Developing of high resolution version of UVic Earth System Climate Model

Wanxuan Yao | PhD Candidate

  • Modelling in Iron cycle: scavenging processes
  • Spatial ecology models
  • Network planning