Priv.-Doz. Dr. Mark Schmidt

Forschungsbereich 2: Marine Biogeochemie
FE Marine Geosysteme

Raum: 8-C/113
Telefon: +49 431 600-2283
Fax: +49 431 600-2928
E-Mail: mschmidt(at)

Wischhofstraße 1-3
D-24148 Kiel

Ausbildung und Werdegang


  • 1991 Diploma in Chemistry
  • 1995 Dr. rer. nat. (PhD in Physical Chemistry, Atmospheric Chemisty)
  • 2005 PD Dr. habil. in Geology and Palaeontology at University Kiel

Research Experience

  • 1995-1999 Postdoc Researcher in different DFG, BMBF funded projects (“Stable isotope chemistry of diatoms",„Hydrothermalism in the Red Sea“, "Cold vent gases and mineralization processes") at GPI, University Kiel
  • 1999-2005 Assistant Professor at IFG, University Kiel
  • 2005-2007 Senior Researcher/Associate Professor at IFG, University Kiel
  • Since 2008 Senior Researcher/Associate Professor at IFM-GEOMAR, Kiel

Wissenschaftliches Interesse

Dr. Mark Schmidt is member of the Marine Biogeochemistry Division of the German research institute GEOMAR and Associate Professor at University Kiel (“Privatdozent”). He started his scientific career in the 90th as a physical chemist (PhD in atmospheric chemistry), and then changed to earth sciences  (habilitation in geosciences in 2006). Over the last decades his research interest covered a wide range of using stable isotopes to reconstruct biogeochemical processes in earth sciences. He is specialized on mineral formation at cold and hot marine vent areas. Moreover, he investigated trace gas-formation, -degradation, and -transport processes in most of the oceans worldwide. Mark Schmidt participated on more than 40 international research cruises including six into the Red Sea. In addition to research activities he is leading the gas chromatography and isotope ratio-mass spectrometry group in his department.


2018-2021    WP-leader in SMART-Sustainable management of offshore
                     groundwater resources

2016-2020 Senior scientist in “STrategies for Environmental Monitoring of Marine Carbon Capture and Storage” (EU)

2015-2020 Sub-Project leader “Submarine Groundwater Discharge: Adaption of an autonomous aquatic vehicle for robotic measurements, sampling, and monitoring” (TRC Oman)

2015-2018 Researcher “Baja California Volcanic Intrusion Carbon Release” (BMBF)

2011-2015 Researcher “ECO2 - Sub-seabed CO2 Storage: Impact on Marine Ecosystems” (EU)

2011-2014 Sub-project leader “Joint German-Turkmen Project Monitoring Geohazards such as the Activity of Mud Volcanoes at the Eastern Margin of the Caspian Sea, Turkmenistan” (RWE Dea)

2012-2013 Project leader “New Methodologies for the Assessment of Hydrocarbon Potential in a high-risk area - Transition Zone, Offshore Azerbaijan” (RWE Dea)

2010-2013 Project leader “High sensitive methane measurement” (BMWi/EU-Martec)

2010-2013 Project leader “Hydrocarbon seepage in the Red Sea” (KAU, Jeddah, SA)

2008-2010 Project coordinator “Fluid and gas seepage in the Southern North Sea” (Wintershall)

2001-2008 Subproject-leader of “A3/B5” in SFB574 (DFG)

2005-2009 Researcher in “MANGO/SITKAP – Submersible Investigation of Tonga-Kermadec with Pisces” (Germany/New Zealand/USA/Canada-joint project; BMBF)

2004-2006 Leading scientist in “Biogeochemistry in Red Sea brines” (EUROMARGINS, DFG)


1995-1999      Postdoc Researcher in different DFG, BMBF funded projects (“Stable
                     Isotope chemistry of diatoms",„Hydrothermalism in the Red Sea“, "Cold vent
                     gases and mineralization processes") at GPI, University Kiel

1999-2005      Assistant Professor for Geochemistry at IFG, University Kiel

2005-2007      Senior Researcher/Privatdozent at IFG, University Kiel

Since 2008     Senior Researcher/Privatdozent at GEOMAR, Kiel