The Master of science (M.Sc.) programme “Biological Oceanography” is arranged in 4 semesters providing knowledge and skills in a number of disciplines that address various areas of the global ocean as a complex system. The curriculum is focussed on biology and imparts knowledge in chemistry, geology, physics and mathematics.

First semester: The first Semester has been set for the theoretical and practical fundament for the systemic analysis of the marine environment. All first semester modules are compulsory.

Second semester: Building on first semesters knowledge, students begin in the second semester to form their individual focus within the curriculum in compulsory/elective and elective modules. Already in the second semester, the students take part in theory and practice of running research projects.

Third semester: This semester is devoted to further specialization (including a 9 days research cruise) and first contacts to the research group where the individual students plan to do their masters thesis as well as introduction to cutting-edge research, Instrumentation and literature.

Fourth semester: Here the focus is on application of all knowledge gathered so far to work on the masters thesis as part of ongoing research projects (how to start your master thesis). Most students perform their thesis in one of the research groups within FB3 (marine ecology) or within FB2 (Marine Biogeochemistry).

 Information for single modules here.

Designation of modules

First number: semester (first semester: MNF-bioc-1xx, second semester: MNF-bioc-2xx, third semester: MNF-bioc-3xx)

Second/third number: section (compulsory: MNF-bioc-x01-20, compulsory elective:MNF-bioc-x21-39, optional: MNF-bioc-x40-99)


MNF-bioc-10x: first semester (winter), compulsory

MNF-bioc-23x: second semester (summer), compulsory elective

MNF-bioc-36x: third semester (winter), optional


The most recent list of modules can be found here.

For information about actual official regulations klick here "Prüfungsordnung(German only) - English version (not official) and "Prüfungsverfahrensordnung" (German only).

For further information contact the study advisor.