Optional courses outside of Biological Oceanography

Within the optional courses or free choice section you can choose either one of the modules within your M.Sc. Biological Oceanography curriculum - have a look on the module list - or any other module out of B.Sc.- or M.Sc.-curricula at the CAU.

Read instructions below! 

Here you find a list - (incomplete and not regularly updated) - of ideas of study programs, modules, courses etc. outside of the M.Sc. Biological Oceanography which might be of interest for you to include into the optionals sector.

Before attending contact the person in charge of the respective course, module etc. AND the M.Sc. Biol. Oceanogr. study advisor AS WELL AS "our" Office Examination Board (Prüfungsamt Biologie, Tel. 0431-880-3724; -4157) AND the external Office Examination Board!



All of those courses, lectures, seminars etc. you want to attend have to be organized and classified as modules with assigned credit points. A number of lectures etc. e.g. within the old programs (like diploma programmes) are not yet modularized - which means you can't get any credit points!


Single courses, lectures, seminars etc. as part of a module will not be used for calculation of your workload and will not be used for your final marks!


Make sure in advance!

Ocean Education Initiative

Ocean Education is an initiative of the Kiel Marine Science priority research area (KMS), the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences at CAU and the Future Ocean Network. We invite and encourage students from all disciplines to gain and expand competencies in interdisciplinary ocean knowledge and collaboration and to tackle the complexity of solution-oriented (ocean) sustainability science. Together with the faculties of CAU and associated institutes such as GEOMAR Helmholtz Center for Ocean Research Kiel, Ocean Education compiled a catalogue of open elective modules on current marine and environmental topics. In most modules, students enrolled in Master programs can earn ECTS for the optional component of their curriculum. Learn more about us and find interdisciplinary courses currently on offer at www.msms.uni-kiel.de.


As the links below are external, they might be outdated. In this case use the data to search within UnivIS.

 List of curricula with English as general language of instruction