Summer semester 2017

Important news

Official schedule exams, evaluation, retry exam etc.

Keep in mind - it's your responsibility not to miss any fixed dates and/or deadlines.

Passed exams of all compulsory modules of the summer semester '17 (MNF-bioc-201, MNF-bioc-220, MNF-ozgr-151) as well as all compulsory modules of winter semester 2016/2017 are the indispensable prerequisite for the core module of the winter semester '17/'18 (MNF-bioc-301).

For details concerning prerequisites look at the examination regulations Biological Oceanography (p. 6-9).

Preparing MNF-bioc-310 (Internship / summer school) in winter semester: As you might plan an internship or a summer school already starting right after the exams in summer semester, look as early as possible for an intersting one. Don't wait with this orientation until the start of the winter semester - as many summer schools take place in July/August.


Examination Schedule Summer Semester 2017

Examination Schedule Winter Semester 2016/2017


Courses (lectures, seminars, practicals etc.) summer semester 2017

MSc. Biological Oceanography (all courses summer semester 2017) - UnivIS


Biological Oceanography: optional courses

For more optional courses and suggestions follow the link to Optionals outside of Biological Oceanography.


Summer semester 2017 timetable and course list

Only courses within M.Sc. Biological Oceanography.

For a more complete overview (incl. block courses etc.) look a the course list below.

(download timetable / download course list / also available on OLAT)