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What is ORCID®?

Open Contributor and Researcher ID is an internationally acknowledged identifier for scientists that links researchers to their work. GEOMAR became an ORCID member in summer 2018. If you use ORCID, you as well as GEOMAR as a whole will benefit from the advantages!



Your advantages

Better visibility for your research, more networking, little effort!

Publishing and publishing on the internet

  • In communication with publishers, you only need to provide your ORCID iD. If you list the publisher as a trusted party, they will have access to all the necessary information.
  • You can easily and clearly be found online, despite possible variants or different spellings of your name, and even if you were to change your name.
  • Your publications are clearly linked to you and can be found online, even if they are not recorded in international databases.
  • You can use your ORCID iD and profile for your entire life, regardless of changing employers or areas of research.
  • Your list of publications on ORCID will always be up to date if you allow trusted parties to automatically update your ORCID profile.



Using your ORCID iD on applications or reports for external funding means a significant reduction in administration effort, as you can easily grant external parties access to your profile and the research work documented there.

Day to day research

If you use your ORCID iD in academic communication, you will be able to provide colleagues, organizations and participants with all the necessary information via your ORCID profile.


Your rights: you retain full control!

  • Apart from your name and your ORCID iD (both are always visible) you can control the visibility of any element in your profile (everyone | trusted parties | only me).
  • You decide which rights you grant trusted parties.
  • Granted rights can be checked, modified or revoked on the account settings page of your ORCID profile at any time.


Getting started: a few things to bear in mind


  • Do you already have an ORCID iD? If you are not sure, you can search for your name at ORCID
  • Please include all alternative spellings and variants of your name in your profile, as well as your birth name (if applicable).
  • The general rule: the more information you provide, the more meaningful your profile is going to be!

Synchronization of your publications

Make Crossref and DataCite trusted parties. [GEOMAR automatically becomes a trusted party when you grant GEOMAR the required rights.* in preparation]. Until this function is working automatically you can upload your publications from OceanRep to your ORCID account:

Use "Browse - Author" for the list of your publications. Use Export: BibTex to export the list. Log into your ORCID account and upload the list via BibTex.


Furthermore, we recommend that you grant Web of Science (Researcher ID) und Scopus (Scopus Author ID) trusted party status if your publications are recorded in their databases. Please allow those trusted parties to exchange data with your ORCID profile.


Everyday life

Please use your ORCID iD for your research activities – especially, when communicating with publishers, at conferences, for funding, on your presentation slides or if you participate in internet or academic forums.



Crossref and DataCite are non-profit organizations that provide identifiers (DOI) for full texts and research data. If their databases contain DOIs that are linked to your ORCID iD (this happens for example when you give your ORCID iD to a publisher) and you grant them trusted party status, your publications will automatically be transferred to your ORCID profile.

ResearcherID and Scopus Author ID are the proprietary author identifier in the databases Web of Science and Scopus.

To make those organizations / databases trusted parties please sign up on their websites:


Further information

Any questions?

The GEOMAR Institutional Repository  „OceanRep“ can use your ORCID for better identification of your publications. Please allow us to add your ORCID to your entries by writing us a short email!

In case you need more information please do not hesitate to contact us: bibliotheksleitung(at)geomar.de.

This information was adapted with friendly permission from the Library Ruhr Universität Bochum (RUB).


Contact: ORCID

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