Data Management for Kiel Marine Science

The Kiel Data Management Team (KDMT) is a joined group of GEOMAR, cluster of excellence "Future Ocean", SFB 754 and BIOACID.

Our aim is to provide ONE contact point for all research areas of marine sciences for data description, data storage and data archiving; independent from the project status, but with configurable access rules depending on the project. Overall, this process should serve as data preparation for publication in connection with publications in "peer-review" journals or as a data publication in itself.

Information about Research data

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Data Management Advisory Board

Datamanager (from left to right): Dr. Hela Mehrtens, Lisa Paglialonga, Dr. Carsten Schirnick, Claas Faber, Pina Springer.



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Data Management Team

General e-mail:

Dr. Carsten Schirnick         
phone: 0431 600-2294
e-mail: cschirnick(at)

Pina Springer
phone: 0431 600-2293
e-mail: pspringer(at)

Dr. Hela Mehrtens
phone: 0431 600-4025
e-mail: hmehrtens(at)

Claas Faber
phone: 0431 600-2338
e-mail: cfaber(at)

Lisa Paglialonga
phone: 0431 600-2296
e-mail: lpaglialonga(at)


Office Locations:

Eastshore: Building 1, Entrance 2, Room 110-112