MACE Registry

The Namespace

MACE (the Middleware Architecture Committee for Education) has delegated the operations of the Uniform Resource Name (URN) namespace to GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel.

This namespace supports the assignment of unique, global, persistent names to resources used by GEOMAR in its Shibboleth, directory services and other middleware initiatives.

For more information about URNs, see:

  • Internet2/MACE Uniform Resource Name (URN) registry home page.
  • RFC 3613, which defines the urn:mace namespace and describes the procedures and policies governing its use.

Registrations in the Namespace




Date registered


Dr. Rüdiger Kunze



Questions about registrations under, including suggestions for new registrations, should be directed to Dr. Rüdiger Kunze at rkunze(at) .