GEOMAR Drone swarm

The drone swarm of GEOMAR

GEOMAR provides a versatile drone swarm that can be utilised for various purposes. Our Wingcopters combine the advantages of fixed wing and copter drones: they have the ability to hover and take off and land vertically in the field like a helicopter, whilst being able to stay in gliding flight for a long time at low battery usage and high velocities. Thereby, they can cover great areas and are ideal tools for mapping. They are complemented by several Multicopters, whose specialty is hovering. They are thus perfectly suitable for operating larger measuring devices. 


Model: 178 Heavy Lift

  • Maximum payload: 6 kg
  • Maximum speed: 150 km/h
  • Maximum flight time: 120 min
  • Maximum range: 100 km
  • Maximum altitude: 5000 m 


DJI Matrice 600

  • Maximum payload: 6 kg
  • Maximum speed: 65 km/h
  • Maximum flight time: 40 min
  • Maximum range: 5 km
  • Maximum altitude: 1500 m

Eigenbau Multikopter (Rahmen: DJI Spreading Wings S900)

  • Maximum payload: 5 kg
  • Maximum speed: 58 km/h
  • Maximum flight time: 18 min
  • Maximum range: 2 km

DJI Phantom 4 Pro

  • Maximum weight (incl. camera): 1.4 kg
  • Maximum speed: 72 km/h
  • Maximum flight time: 30 min
  • Maximum range: 7 km
Wingcopter and Phantom 4 Pro in the background
DJI Matrice 600


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