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International research activities with more than 1300 dives in North- and Baltic Sea, North- and South Atlantic, West- and South Pacific, Mediterranean, Indian Ocean, Red and Black Sea, numerous fresh water lakes.
JAGO is used worldwide by scientists and engineers of different fields like marine biology, microbiology, biogeochemistry, geology, and palaeo-oceanography.
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2017 - General overhaul and technical field trials

13.02. - 02.03.2018 Cape Verde, Mindelo-Mindelo

  • Chief scientists: Henk-Jan Hoving & Björn Fiedler, GEOMAR Kiel
  • Location: Cape Verdean islands Santo Antao, Fogo, Santiago, CVOO
  • Objectives: In situ observations and collections to investigate deep pelagic ecology in Cape Verde waters

27.06. - 20.07.2018 Norway, Bergen - Bergen

  • Chief scientist: Janina Büscher, GEOMAR Kiel
  • Location: Deep water coral reefs in fjords and on the shelf along the Norwegian coast
  • Objectives: Food web dynamics and ecosystem interactions in cold-water coral reefs off Norway: in situ measurements of organic matter and nutrient cycling and predator-prey relationships

21.07. - 11.08.2018 Skagerrak (Norway) + North Sea, Bergen - Bremerhaven

  • Chief scientist: Timm Schoening, GEOMAR Kiel
  • Location: Deep water coral reefs at the border between Norway and Sweden (Skagerrak), methane seep site south of the Dutch part of the Dogger-Bank in the North Sea
  • Objectives: Applying semi-autonomous subsea optical monitoring for methane seepage and cold water coral studies in the North Sea