Research Submersible JAGO

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Transport: 1 x 20 ' standard sea freight container (submersible + support equipment)

Total weight: ca. 7.000 kg

Team: 3 persons

Mobilisation: min. 1 day on board the support vessel

Support ship requirements: 

  • Deck space for storage of a 20' container (with 3 m space in front for unloading and loading) and storage of the submersible at launching position. Sufficient storage capacity for supplies and support equipment if the submersible container cannot be taken on board
  • Launch and recovery by any crane system (marine knuckle boom crane, stern A-frame etc) rated to lift min. 5 t SWL at an outreach of min. 3 m off the ship's side or stern (A-frame inner height mind. 6,5 m, inner width mind. 4 m)
  • Work boat (rigid-hulled inflatable) with mind. 40 HP outboard engine for towing the submersible
  • Energy supply: for battery charging 230V/single phase AC/50 Hz 16A, for running the high pressure air compressor 380-400V/three phases/50 Hz 16A
  • Hydrophone uw-communication: for communication with the submerged submersible a hydrophone (10 kHz transducer with 40 m cable) must be launched to ca. 3 m below the ship's keel, either on a pole installed in the hydrographic- / moon pool, or over the ship's side on a lowerable pole or on a rope.
  • UW navigation and positioning: an USBL underwater navigation system is used to determine the position of the submersible under water (provided either by the ship if available or by JAGO - ORE Trackpoint 3). The USBL transducer (hydrophone) has to be installed on a pole inside the hydrographic- / moon pool or on a pole at the side of the ship. The transducer must be at least 2 m below the ship's keel and adjusted in line with the ship's longitudinal axis. The navigation software requires NMEA strings with USBL positioning data and strings with ship data (GPS-position, heading, depth, time - RMC, GLL, HDT, DBT, ZDA), serial or via a terminal server.

Ships: JAGO has been operated internationally from aboard a wide variety of ships: FS Poseidon, FS Alkor, FS Maria S. Merian, FS Sonne, FS Meteor, FS Polarstern, RV Pelagia (NL), RV Garcia del Cid (SP), RV Algoa (SA), RV Agulhas II (SA), RV Baruna Jaya IV (IN), RV Hakurou Maru (JA), RV Aegaeo (GR), RV Prof. Logachev (RU), RV Challenger (UK), MV Braveheart (NZ), MV Soland (KE), MV Deep Salvage I (SA), MV Polarsyssel (NOR), MV Zealous (SA), MV Sea Eagle (KE), MV Indian Ocean Explorer (SEY)

  • Scientific Head:

    Dr. Peter Linke
    GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel
    Wischhofstr. 1-3
    24148 Kiel, Germany
    Phone: +49-431 600-2115
    Fax: +49-431 600-1601

    Technical Head:

    Ralf Schwarz
    GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel
    Wischhofstr. 1-3
    24148 Kiel, Germany
    Phone: +49-431 600-1600
    Fax: +49-431 600-1601