Publications CE0913 (usually peer-reviewed)

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McGinnis, D.F. Sommer, S., Lorke, A., Glud, R.N. and Linke, P. (2014): Quantifying tidally-driven benthic oxygen exchange across permeable sediments: An aquatic eddy correlation study: Journal of Geophysical Research – Oceans 119: 6918–6932. [doi 10.1002/2014JC010303]


Rovelli, L., Dengler, M., Schmidt, M., Sommer, S., Linke, P. and McGinnis, D. (2016): Thermocline mixing and vertical oxygen fluxes in the stratified central North Sea. Biogeosciences 13 (5): 1609-1620. [doi:10.5194/bg-13-1609-2016]

Schneider von Deimling, J., Rehder, G., Greinert, J., McGinnis, D.F., Boetius, A. and Linke, P. (2011): Quantification of seep-related methane gas emissions at Tommeliten, North Sea. Continental Shelf Research 31: 867-878. [doi:10.1016/j.csr.2011.02.012]


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