Expedition M80-3 with RV METEOR: Cape Verde Seamounts

Chief Scientist: PD Dr. Thor Hansteen, IfM-Geomar, Kiel

Expedition M80-3 with RV METEOR took place between the 29th of December, 2009 and the 1st of February, 2010 and led from Dakar, Senegal, to the surrounding s of the Cape Verde Archipelago. The mission ended in Gran Canaria. The objective of the expedition was to gain knowledge on the evolution of the Cape Verde seamounts. For this purpose, geological, biological and geo-physical methods and technologies were employed.

ROV KIEL 6000 was once again one of the main tools for (straitgraphically) defined sampling and completed 14 scientific dives in water depths of up to 5000 m.

Photos (unless otherwise noted): ROV-Team GEOMAR; for enquiries on utilisation of image material please contact Public Relations Dept GEOMAR or Dr. Friedrich Abegg .
Front view of ROV KIEL 6000 with stereo camera setup
In the control van
Panorama of the Cabo Verde Archipelago
Brittle Star on coral cf. Enallopsammia rostrata
Feather star (Crinoida cf Comatula sp.) on bamboo coral (Isididae)
A piece of lava is being smapled by the ORION
"Donkey Ear" sponge
Metallogorgia sp. with "symbiotic" brittle stars
Large gorgonian cf. Primnoa sp. between different scleractinian corals
Brisingiid starfish
ROV KIEL 6000 shortly before descent
View onto the aft deck during a dive
ROV Team during M80-3
Shrimp between lava und coral fragments
Octopus Graneledone sp. (Cephalopoda)
Goose barnacles and feather stars on bamboo coral (Isididae)
Sampling of a bamboo coral
Anthomastus sp. on coral stem, aside a sea cucumber on the sediment
Floating sea cucumber in the Cabo Verde Abyssal Plain (ca. 5100 m)