Launch & Recovery System 

The Launch and Recovery System of ROV KIEL 6000 consists of a winch, a cable (umbilical), a cable-block as well as  launching frame which is mounted onto the a-frame of the respective vessel.

The ROV Team des GEOMAR may chose between three different winches, depending on the depth at which the ROV shall be deployed.

This compatibility is made possible by identical specifications of the respective cables.

Photos (unless otherwise noted): ROV-Team, GEOMAR. For enquiries on usage of image mterial please contact  Communications and Media Dept. GEOMAR or Dr. Friedrich Abegg.


Blick auf das Achterdeck der FS Meteor. Mittig die Tiefseewinde (blau mit weißem Dach und geöffnetem Deckel), dahinter der Aussetzrahmen nebst Block am A-Rahmen sowie ROV KIEL 6000. An Backbord steht der Steuercontainer, an Steuerbord der Werkstattcontainer, darauf ein Transportcontainer (alle weiß-blau). (Foto: Matthias López Correa, GZN Uni Erlangen)