Logistics and Ship Requirements

ROV KIEL 6000 und vier Container auch dem Achterdeck der FS Meteor. Foto: Inken Suck, GEOMAR


  • 20' High-Cube Transportcontainer (ROV)
  • 20' High-Cube Container (Winch), weight 30 t
  • 20' Controlcontainer
  • 20' Workshop- and Powercontainer
  • 20' hard Top Open Top Container Spares (frame, hydraulics, cables, sheave, spares, ROV-tools, consumables)


Total weight:  approx. 65 t


Ship Requirements: 

  • Dynamic Positioning
  • Deck's capacity for control-, workshop and winch-containers on 20' container footprints + ROV 
  • Deck's stability for placing the 30 t winch 
  • A-frame at stern with SWL of 10 t (height 8 m, width 5 m) with auxiliary winch with lifting capacity of 5 t. 
  • Power supply: control container: 380–400 V /50 Hz/ 350 A; winch: 380 V-400 V/ 50 Hz/ 350 A)


Until today, ROV KIEL 6000 has been deployed the large German research vessels SONNEMETEORMARIA S. MERIAN and POLARSTERN. as well as until she was taken out of service on the "old" SONNE. Additionally, it has been deployed from the international research vessels N/O l'ATALANTERV CELTIC EXPLORER and RRS JAMES COOK.