Women's Executive Board

Women in leadership positions at GEOMAR, working in both science and administration, founded the Women’s Executive Board (WEB) in May 2013. (Founding Document)

WEB would like to promote and encourage qualified and motivated women to stay in science. We would like to show ways to contribute in the long term to an equal gender ratio at permanent and leadership positions.

There is already an equal gender ratio at the PhD level and short-term postdoctoral positions; the percentage of women at this stage is between 42 and 51 (status: 31.12.2015).

However, the proportion of women on permanent scientist and professorship positions is heavily underrepresented (between 17 and 19 percent). The goal of the newly implemented gender equality plan is to rise this percentage until 2019 to 25 on permanent scientist and 30 percent on professorship positions.

Mission Statement

The Women‘s Executive Board aims at fostering a modern equal opportunity-oriented culture at GEOMAR through equal participation of men and women at all levels and would also like to promote and encourage qualified and motivated women to stay in science.

This will be achieved through the following:

  • Recognition and presentation of professionally successful women,
  • Support of career paths and perspectives for women,
  • Promotion of transparent decision and communication structures,
  • Assistance to implement the cascade model,
  • Advisory service to GEOMAR decision makers with regard to gender balance.

WEB information flyer English [PDF]





Prof. Dr. Anja Engel
Women's Executive Board
GEOMAR Helmholtz-Zentrum
für Ozeanforschung Kiel
Düsternbrooker Weg 20
24105 Kiel
Tel: +49 431 600-1510
E-Mail: aengel(at)geomar.de

Please contact Anja Engel (aengel(at)geomar.de) directly in confidential inquiries.


E-Mail: womensexecutiveboard(at)geomar.de