Images of the Month


Picture of the month: September 2020

Diving in the darkness

Two scientist taking samples from RV Alkor  in the Baltic Sea

Image of the month: August 2020

Understanding the Baltic Sea through Time Series


Image of the month: July 2020

Drone monitoring at Stromboli

A working boat is approaching from the right towards several orange racks floating in the sea. Photo: Ulf Riebsesell/GEOMAR

Image of the month: June 2020

The ‘Wassermann’ in action for the mesocosms

 Master student Mirian Arellano San Martín takes water samples from breeding tanks in the so-called NEMO hall at GEOMAR. Photo: Marvin Schäfer,

Image of the month: May 2020

Is microplastic harmful for herring larvae?

The ROV KIEL 6000 is launched from the research vessel SONNE. Photo: Steffen Niemann

Image of the month: April 2020

Adaptation strategies to an extreme environment

Cirrus-carrying octopus in the Clarion Clipperton Zone in the Central Pacific Photo: ROV Kiel 6000/GEOMAR

Image of the month: March 2020

The small, precious nodules and their inhabitants

The POSEIDON off the Capeverdean island of Fogo Foto: Jan Klimmeck

Image of the month: January 2020

The POSEIDON off the Capeverdean island of Fogo

RV POSEIDON off Santorini. Photo: Nico Augustin/GEOMAR

Image of the month: December 2019

The POSEIDON in Poseidon's homeland

Image of the month: November 2019

Image of the month: November 2019

The new GEOMAR building is growing

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