Images of the Month - Archive

The research vessel METEOR with an oceanographic glider near the Cape Verde Islands. Photo: Mario Müller, GEOMAR

Image of the month: November 2018

The research vessel METEOR and an oceanographic glider

The MoLAB lander emerging from the water. Photo: Fred Buyle

Image of the Month: September 2018

The MoLAB Lander, Cape Verde Islands

The CVAO on the island of São Vicente (Cape Verde). Photo: Johannes Lampel

Image of the month: August 2018

The Cape Verde Atmosphere Observatory (CVAO)


Image of the Month: July 2018

Pillow lava on Maio, Cabo Verde.

Launch of a waveglider off São Vicente (Cape Verde). Photo: INDP

Image of the Month: June 2018

The autonomous fish finder

Maintenance work at the CVOO. Photo: Toste Tanhua/GEOMAR

Image of the month: May 2018

Working at the Cape Verde Ocean Observatory

Students working in a lab during a German-Cape Verdean summer school. Photo: Joachim Dengg/GEOMAR

Image of the month: April 2018

Students conducting experiments during a German - Cape Verdean summer school in Mindelo

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