Images of the Month - Archive

Resource geologist Mark Hennington in the submersible JAGO on an expedition off EL Hierro. Photo: JAGO-Team/GEOMAR

Image of the month: October 2017

Face-to-face with underwater volcanoes

The underwater robot HYBIS on deck of the RV METEOR. Photo: Emanuel Wenzlaff/GEOMAR

Image of the month: September 2017

Heavy transport with a deep-sea robot

The AUV ABYSS is waiting for its use on deck of the research vessel METEOR. Photo: Solvin Zankl

Image of the month: August 2017

Raw materials from the deep-sea

Research Vessel off the west coast of the island El Hierro. Photo:Melissa Anderson, GEOMAR

Image of the month: July 2017

Research Vessel POSEIDON off El Hierro

The digital 3D model of the Niua South volcano.

Image of the month: June 2017

A Virtual Walk on the Seafloor

Preparation of PELAGIOS before the dive. Foto: Solvin Zankl

Image of the month: April 2017

PELAGIOS: New insights into the deep sea

A photo taken of the top of a pillow mound with the Deep Survey Cam System mounted on ROV PHOCA. Photo: GEOMAR

Image of the Month: February 2017

Lava formation at the North Kolbeinsey Ridge

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