Images of the Month - Archive

Night operation on the POS519 expedition. A CTD rosette on board the research vessel POSEIDON. It measures the Conductivity, Temperature, and Depth, by pressure. Photo: Lisa Hoffmann (CC BY 4.0)

Image of the month: April 2019

Research around the clock - Night watch during the POS519

A research diver of the Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel in the western Baltic Sea is inspecting a torpedo head. Photo: Christian Howe

Image of the month: March 2019

Old munitions in the Baltic Sea

Bathymetric Map of the Grimaldi Seamounts. Visualisation: Nico Augustin/GEOMAR

Image of the month: February 2019

The Grimaldi Seamounts in the Eastern Tropical North Atlantic

The Russian research icebreaker AKADEMIK TRYOSHNIKOV in the Siberian Arctic. Poto: Georgi Laukert/GEOMAR

Image of the month: January 2019

Expedition to the Siberian Arctic

Deep-sea coral garden off the Cape Verde islands. Photo: ROV-Team/GEOMAR

Image of the month: December 2018

Coral garden in 3000 meters water depth

The research vessel METEOR with an oceanographic glider near the Cape Verde Islands. Photo: Mario Müller, GEOMAR

Image of the month: November 2018

The research vessel METEOR and an oceanographic glider

The MoLAB lander emerging from the water. Photo: Fred Buyle

Image of the Month: September 2018

The MoLAB Lander, Cape Verde Islands