Images of the Month - Archive

Students working in a lab during a German-Cape Verdean summer school. Photo: Joachim Dengg/GEOMAR

Image of the month: April 2018

Students conducting experiments during a German - Cape Verdean summer school in Mindelo

RV Islândia off Cape Verde.

Image of the month: March 2018

RV Islândia—From a fishing boat to a small research vessel

The Verany’s long- armed squid, Photo: Uwe Piatkowski/GEOMAR

Image of the Month: February 2018

Verany’s long- armed squid in the net

Aerial view on the OSCM. Photo: B. Fiedler

Image of the Month: January 2018

Bom Dia Cabo Verde!

Sea urchin rondezvous. Photo: Solvin Zankl

Image of the month: Dezember 2017

Sea Urchin Rendezvous

The POSEIDON off the island El Hierro. Photo: Maike Nicolai/GEOMAR

Image of the month: November 2017

The God of the Sea serves science

Resource geologist Mark Hennington in the submersible JAGO on an expedition off EL Hierro. Photo: JAGO-Team/GEOMAR

Image of the month: October 2017

Face-to-face with underwater volcanoes