Images of the Month - Archive

In the mesocosms off Norway it was investigated how ocean acidification affects the living environment in the sea. Photo: Maike Nicolai, GEOMAR.

Image of the Month: July 2016

Tracking the effects of ocean acidification

Collecting samples in Indonesian coastal waters. Photo: Prehadi

Image of the Month: May 2016

Collecting Samples in Indonesia


Image of the Month: March 2016

Have the herrings hatched yet?


Image of the Month: October 2015

I'd like to be under the sea...

Snapshot of the Gulf Stream in the ocean model ORCA12. The colors indicate the different current velocities at the surface. Simulation and Rendering: ocean modeling group GEOMAR

Image of the Month: September 2015

Gulfstream in the ocean model ORCA12


Image of the Month: August 2015

Recovery of a glider at Cape Verde