Image of the month: November 2019

Image of the month: November 2019

The new GEOMAR building is growing

Our image of the month shows the mouth of the river Schwentine at the east shore of the Kieler Fjord with the area of the Seefischmarkt (seafish market) at sunrise. In the centre of the photo you can see the construction site for the new GEOMAR extension building. Work on the new laboratory and office building has been in progress since 2017. After its completion, the departments that are currently housed in the building of the former "Institut für Meereskunde" (Institute of Oceanography) on the western shore of the Kiel Fjord will move int. Then, on the east shore of the Kiel Fjord a marine research campus will be established, that will be one of the largest in Europe.

Since the photograph shown here was taken, the construction work has progressed considerably. In the meantime, the shell of the building has been completed, almost all windows have been installed as well as parts of the facade. Inside the building the installation work has also begun.

Current updates from the construction site can be found at:r:

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