Ocean Research

Almost 70 percent of the earth’s surface is covered by water. However only a small part of the oceans has been investigated so far and every new discovery raises new questions. The scientists from the GEOMAR Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel are working all over the world to reveal the secrets of the ocean and to answer the arising questions.

The research at GEOMAR can also be summarized by four major topics: 1. The role of the oceans in climate change, 2. Human impact on marine ecosystems, 3. Marine Resources, 4. Plate tectonics and marine hazards.

On these pages you will find interesting facts and exciting stories about their research. If you're interested in a particular topic please choose from menu on the left.

New stories

A man and a woman standing a ship's bulwark handle a CTD rosette. Photo: Martin Visbeck

A stable ocean circulation in a changing North Atlantic Ocean

New study shows surprising contrast between ocean properties and currents

Schematic illustration of the influence of the ozone layer in the stratosphere on atmospheric dynamics. Graphic: Sabine Haase / GEOMAR

Ozone and the Jetstream: A complex relationship

More complex models are superior in the representation of atmospheric changes

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