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Basic Knowledge Oceans

The Irminger Sea seen from the research vessel MARIA S. MERIAN. It is one of the few regions in the world where deep convection occurs. The process is a key component global ocean circulation system. Photo: Arne Bendinger / GEOMAR

Warm summers could weaken ocean circulation

Long-term observations reveal the influence of increased surface freshening on convection in the subpolar North Atlantic

Launch of a glider off the coast of Peru . Photo: Anna Reichel, GEOMAR

Glider Swarm tracks newborn Eddy

Marine scientists from Kiel and Bremen, for the first time, document the formation of an eddy off the coast of Peru

With the piston corer sediment cores from the ocean floor can be obtained. Photo: D. Nürnberg, GEOMAR

Exceptionally rapid onset of coastal upwelling offshore Peru

Kiel marine scientists find significant changes in the eastern Pacific during the past 10,000 years

Map of the Hawaiian Emporer bend.

Composers provide explanation for Hawaiian Emporer bend

International team of researchers finds evidence of large-scale tectonic changes in the Pacific taking place 50 million years ago

Use of a piston corer aboard R/Vl METEOR to recover the sediment cores off the coast of Peru used in the recently published study. Photo: Dirk Nürnberg, GEOMAR

Does the Release of Iron from Sediments Promote Oxygen Depletion in the Tropical Ocean?

Scientists in Kiel identify additional processes in oxygen minimum zones

Bathymetry of a 70-kilometer long section of the rift zone in the Red Sea. In the lower right is the same section in the previous resolution. Graphics: N. Augustin, GEOMAR

The Red Sea - An Ocean Like All Others, After All

GEOMAR researchers specify models for the birth of the youngest world ocean