Here you find stories and videos about selected GEOMAR-expeditions. An overview of all expeditions you find here


During the coming months scientists will use a combination of the most diverse measurements to better understand processes in the oxygen minimum zone off Peru. Photo: Michael Schneider, RV METEOR

Four-month Cruise with German RV METEOR off Peru

Collaborative Research Centre 754 investigates oxygen minimum zone in the Southeast Pacific

Wave Gliders GEOMAR 2 (left) and MARUM on board RV MARIA S. MERIAN waiting for their launch. Photo: Sarah Kaehlert, GEOMAR

Watching marine science in real time

GEOMAR Wave Glider missions live on the internet

The research drilling vessel JOIDES RESOLUTION. Photo: Bill Crawford/IODP

Cold plates and hot melts

International science team publishes new data about the history of the Pacific Ring of Fire

Luisa Galgani with sampling gear in front of a melt pond. Photo: Karl Attard

How small marine particles affect our climate

Scientists investigate the composition of the sea-surface microlayer of melting ice

Mobile winch and cable owned by the U.S. GEOTRACES-programme. Similar devices are used on cruise M121.  Photo: Gregory Cutter, Old Dominion University, Norfolk (USA).

RV METEOR closes a gap in the global atlas of trace metals

GEOMAR-ForscheGEOMAR researchers lead GEOTRACES expedition in the southeastern Atlantic r leiten GEOTRACES-Expedition im Südostatlantik

Preparations for a dive the AUV ABYSS. The device deliveres accurate maps and photos of the more than 4000 m deep seafloor. Photo: Bastian Barenbrock.

Fascinating photo mosaic from the seafloor in 4000 m depth

Expedition to manganese nodule fields in the eastern Pacific successfully concluded

A Black Smooker in the Guaymas Basin. Photo: ROV HYBIS, GEOMAR

Discovery of a large hot vent site in the Gulf of California

Fascinating results of cruise SO241 with Germany’s new research vessel SONNE